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DAYTA Marketing Nominated for Minnesota Startups and Businesses Most Likely to Succeed in 2017

August 25, 2016
Minnesota Business Magazine is searching for Minnesota startups and businesses that are most likely to succeed in 2017, and we’ve been selected for three of the categories! Instead of the winners being determined by their standard blue ribbon panel of expert judges and industry leaders, they are making this award a crowd-sourced competition – you get to vote for your favorite companies! That’s why we need your support now, more than ever! What happens if DAYTA Marketing wins? Pride, bragging rights, and a feature in the December 2016 issue of Minnesota Business magazine. Here are the rules: Employees, executives or owners of a company cannot vote for their own company. Each person can only submit one ballot. Only one ballot will be accepted per IP address. To ensure a broad range of participation, you must vote in at least three (3) categories. Here are the categories we are competing in: Advertising and Marketing Most Likely to be Acquired in 2017: Company is just about ripe, and ready to be acquired by a larger firm with greater resources Most Likely to be Disruptive in 2017: Company that is on the verge of changing the model for some unsuspecting industry. Here’s why you should #VoteDAYTA: We’re a social marketing company that is redefining client-agency partnerships. We focus on staying ahead of constantly evolving technologies and fostering powerful client relationships. Our proprietary dashboard and internal processes allow us to ensure transparency and predict campaign success. Our focus on collaboration makes our team more efficient, allowing us to offer our services at a competitive rate while producing quality results. Voting ends at midnight on September 11, so be sure to cast your ballot! #VoteDAYTA

Why Blogging Is More Important Than Ever

February 18, 2014
In the past couple of years blogging has taken off and become an integral part of almost every business’ social media marketing plan. But lately blogging has been under a lot of scrutiny on whether or not it still has  relevance in the social media world and if you really need a blog to be successful. Blogging for your business is important for many reasons and should not be kicked to the curb. The role that blogging plays in your social media marketing plan is one that cannot be replaced with other methods. Blogging allows you to drive traffic to your website while increasing your search engine optimization (SEO). It also allows you to position your brand as a leader and expert in your industry. One of the best reasons to blog for your business is that it drives traffic to your website. Blogging allows you to make relevant content for your customers that can easily be pushed out to a large audience and familiarize them with your brand. A successful blog links back to all other social media platforms and gives a good foundation for content for all your social media. One of the best features you should use with your blog is the ability to create in story links back to your website and your social media platforms. This gives your customers an easy way to connect with you and stay up to date on your content. Not only does blogging allow you to drive traffic to your website but it also increases your SEO. This is done by using keywords and expressions that you want associated with your brand. Google and other search engines associate you with the keywords you use in your blogs. This means the more blogs you write the more you will get noticed and found in search results. This also means that you must keep your content fresh to stay ahead of your competitors in the search engine results. Blogging allows you to position your brand as an industry leader by demonstrating knowledge about your services or product. By blogging, you become a source of information for your customers which gets them to continually come back and look for more information. This builds trust in your brand between you and your customers, which makes them more likely to go through you to get the product they are looking for. Your customers also benefit from building trust because they are able to see you as a credible source of information and can help bring other customers to your business. Every business wants to have good customer relationships and blogging lets you do just that. Just like any other social media platform, blogging allows you and your customers to have a way to comment and message each other, creating personal relationships and trust. Customers are more likely to use a product that they are informed about and are appreciative of what you are telling them in your blog. Blogging plays an essential role for any

The LinkedIn Game is Changing

March 10, 2014
LinkedIn is making some big changes. The platform is slowly rolling out algorithm changes which will effect how people interact with each other. LinkedIn is going to begin rewarding behavior which will make the LinkedIn platform an even more valuable source of information and engagement. LinkedIn will reward people who start discussions which receive a high level of responses, comments and shares. Also rewarded will be people who create public and/or private groups, post original content (typically via blogs) and generally post compelling and engaging content. LinkedIn will be seeking to identify people who are influencers within the platform. If the algorithm defines a person as an Influencer, that persons content will receive preferential treatment within the platform. Preferential treatment means that more people will see the content provided by the influencer. Previously designated influencers typically had 30,000 plus people view their content. So, the LinkedIn game is changing. Success requires writing compelling blogs, creating engaging and original content, creating a group specific to your area of expertise and joining groups which relate to your area of expertise (and sharing information within these groups that bring real value to the other group members). Play the game correctly and you will be rewarded with a more popular Brand, be viewed as a subject matter expert and create engagement which will lead to conversations regarding your specific area of expertise. Sales will inevitably grow over time. These changes will require a long term strategy. Simply adding connections and posting weekly status updates will no longer be sufficient for LinkedIn success. These changes will certainly make LinkedIn a more engaging and content laden platform. Business professionals will continue to seek out LinkedIn content which will help them achieve success.

DAYTA Marketing: Named One of Minnesota’s Top 100 Places To Work

March 10, 2014
We are honored, humbled and grateful in announcing that DAYTA Marketing has been named as one of the 100 Best Companies to work for by Minnesota Business Magazine. This award is directly attributable to the high quality of the employees of DAYTA Marketing. It is they who are the reason for DAYTA’s success. If you would like to meet this amazing group of people, stop in and say hi. The DAYTA Team stands ready to become your Social Media Team. DAYTA strongly believes that a team approach to managing a social media campaign is much preferable to an individualistic approach. Every DAYTA client is served by a Team. The team is led by the Brand Communicator. The Brand Communicator is the team’s point person, the social media lead communicator. Every Brand Communicator counts Graphic Designers, Copywriters and Operations Professionals as integral members of their team. In addition, the Brand Communicators collaborate with each other, in real time, on behalf of their clients. Successes and failures are shared, brainstorming sessions are regularly conducted. Witnessing this synergy is akin to witnessing magic! DAYTA has worked hard to hire Team Players. We have also worked hard to create an environment which is highly conducive to allowing a Team to flourish. Social Media management is hard work. It should also be fun! Creativity, collaboration, design and writing skills should be encouraged and nourished. The environment within DAYTA is one of cooperation, caring and collaboration. Every Team member must know that they are the reason for any success enjoyed by DAYTA. The Minnesota Business team is pleased to share the 2014 list here.

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